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December 17th 2020: As Corfu now officially has no covid cases, an article on Europe’s Best Destinations puts Corfu in the leading list of safe holiday destinations. ‘Safest Destinations to Visit in Europe

November 25th 2020:Stay Safe – Stay at The Merchant’s House As we look towards 2021 amidst all of the changes brought about by the coronavirus in 2020, we’ve re-invented ourselves to ensure greater safety for our guests. Having been a B&B since 2012 (the first on the island) we’ve had the privilege to meet so many wonderful people. It worked perfectly & through all of those years all of our guest got on & many became friends with us & with each other. But, mixing up to 4 different sets of people then was perfect – now, to address the necessity for guests safety & care, we’re providing the house for up to 8 & a minimum 7 nights stay. Stay with who you know. Stay in one of the safest villages on the island. Stay in ‘A Designated Area of Natural Beauty’. Practically have an entire village to yourselves as you sleep through the night & breath in the fresh mountain air. We look forward to welcoming you to Old Perithia on the island of Corfu which remained open as one of the few ‘safest’ travel corridors throughout the 2020 holiday season.

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